Seder Pesach at the Azarbaijan Embassy in Sofia with Ambassador Nargiz Gurbanova making History.

“Why this night is different from all other nights” asked traditionally by the youngest Loni Bizova from Plovdiv.

“The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is that on all other nights we eat among Jews/and non-Jews, tonight is a Moslem Ambassador celebrates a Jewish Holiday in her home (a Moslem Embassy), with members of the Jewish Community, and acts as an host to a traditional Pesach Seder!

(Top: Prof. Avram Eskenazi, Yaakov Djerassi, Prof. Isak Avramov, Alexander Sidi MP, Yanko Bizov, 
Bottom: Zornitsa Natan Bizova , Christian Bizov, Mrs. Iliana Eskenazi, Ambassador Nargiz Gurbanova, Mrs. Nadya Avramova, Loni Bizova)