(Today, the late Elia Elieff, who donated the land and the Building to AUBG and who strolled my baby carriage along the gardens of Sofia in 1946 at the side of my aunt Dora whom he planned to marry, would have been very proud)

Round Table with President Petar Stoyanov in association with the American University in Bulgaria.

Topics: is Bulgaria carries responsibilities for the annihilation of the Jews of Thrace and Macedonia?
Why King Boris’s role is Kept in the shadow?
Was Dimitar Peshev the “Man Who Stopped Hitler”?
Is the proposed Noble Prize for the Church to cast a deeper shadow on the role of the King?
Why Yad Vashem and the Museum of the Holocaust in Washington DC are telling a different story about Bulgaria’s Rescue?
Why it took such a long time for the rescue story of Bulgaria’s Jews to be told?

Panelists as shown in the Photo:
Krissi Ilieva-Technical University, Sofia (Svoge)
Gergana Zapryanova-AUBG (Rudozem/Plovdiv)
Bozhidar Alexanderov-Sofia University (Karlovo)
President Petar Stoyanov (1997-2002)
Georgi Georgiev-AUBG (Plovdiv), Host
Georgia Stoeva-Sofia Medical Faculty (Gotse Delchev)
Martina Dradalova-High School Senior (Razlog)